JavaScript setInterval() Method

JavaScript setInterval() Method

JavaScript setInterval() method either call a function evaluates an expression at specified number of milliseconds. This method continues to call/evaluate the expression until window is called. Another way to stop this method is by calling clearInterval() method. Below is a working demo of this useful method.

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     This method is very handy on requirement of executing an action over over again. The below example script illustrates the setInterval() method. It takes a function with one second delay, in this case its 1000 millisecond. 
     var dateId4AutoGen;
     function autoGenerateDt() {
         var dateAuto = new Date();
         document.getElementById("datePnlAuto").innerHTML = dateAuto;
     function autoDtSrt() {
         if (dateId4AutoGen) {
         dateId4AutoGen = setInterval(function () {
         }, 1000);

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