March 2018 | VirtualSpecies

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Commenting in Popular Programming Languages

Every main programming language implements comments. Comments are ignored by the compiler and this is how a script generates it's own documentation. We know that Good code is self-documenting. We comment once we delete a chunk of code or to prevent rethink. If we build a library or framework, some sort of API documentation is very important to other developers for easy grasping. Remember to comment as often as possible. It’s important! Here is the list of comment styles of various languages_ 

Code commenting on
     -- Comment in Ada

The Stroop Effect Mind Game

Try and try and keep trying. NAME the COLOR aloud that you see, NOT the words that you are reading. ATTENTION: The COLOR of the words is different from what words say. Play this game over and over. Reaction time suppose to be high in the early stages, it will show improved reaction times and errors by replaying.