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Take a Screenshot With Mac OS X

It always easy to take a screenshot on a Mac. We can take a screenshot of an entire desktop or an active window. In this post, we will talk about the built-in screenshot taking options right into the Mac OS without requiring any additional software.

      We can use COMMAND+CONTROL+SHIFT+4 to capture a part/portion of the desktop. A cross-hair cursor will appear for selection. We will be able to click and drag to select the area that we wish to capture. A screenshot of PNG file will be saved on the desktop once we release the mouse. The esc key can be used to turn off the cursor.

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Find 'bin' Folder on Mac

Before talking about finding bin folder on Mac, we should know something simple. There is a unique behavior of UNIX system. System directories (/usr, /var, /etc) are always hidden on Mac by default, and this is the reason why we can not navigate to these directories through Finder. If you are an advanced user, you need to get into these folders sometime since these hold many license and configuration files inside. Below are some ways to get into these directories quickly_ 

1. Open Finder and press COMMAND + SHIFT + G. Following dialog box opens_
Find 'bin' Folder on Mac

How to Edit the Hosts File on Mac

In many cases, we need to know whats going on with internet on our Mac. Well, we can take a look at DNS (Domain Name System) and associated cache file. There is another way to get this task done, using Hosts file. Hosts file is always hidden on Mac's /etc folder. It carries hostnames with certain IP address. Our OS and browsers come and check this file for desired hostname with IP address. In particularly, once we write URL on browser's address bar, OS gets in this file for corresponding mapping before going to the DNS server to look for IP address. By the way, hosts file can be used to override the default DNS information.

     Most of the Mac users don't need to worry or touch the Hosts file. Its always ready to get done what it meant to do. However, we need to touch this file in certain cases. We know, it can redirect a domain. Suppose, we are testing a developing server and we don't want others to access it using DNS. We can use Hosts file to make a domain redirect to local address on our machine, we will be able to test our code offline before it becomes online for users.

Mac Functions for Need of Snipping Tool

Snipping Tool is very popular little utility for Windows users. You can take screenshot with required dimension with it. Is there any option on Mac that can replace this tool?
Well, absolutely. Mac has Grab, which does the same. We will talk about Grab in detail on other post. Right now, we will list couple of options below that are pretty handy_

  • Full Screen:  By pressing COMMAND+SHIFT+3, we can save a screenshot for entire screen to the Desktop.
  • Part of Screen: We can snip a specific area of the screen to the Desktop by pressing COMMAND+SHIFT+4 simultaneously. Once the cursor icon changes to " + ", we need to create a box around the desired section of the screen and release.
  • The third option is GRAB that we mentioned earlier. Its a very light but very useful tool that is the best alternative for Windows Snipping Tool.

Tweet with 280 Characters

Twitter declared 280 characters limit for tweeting (current 140) but all users will not be able to use the offer yet. Its only for test on selected accounts. However, there is a workaround. @Prof9 created a little client side script that does the trick_

_Download Tampermonkey and install it on your browser. 
_Head to this Gist, click the “raw” button, and install script to Tampermonkey.
_Create tweet with more than 140 characters, make sure the script in running in Tampermonkey. 
_You have to refresh the page every time you jump on different pages. 
_This is pretty harmless script, only bypasses the tweet button limit.
_Happy Tweeting!!!

Syntax Highlighting on Blogger with Github Gist

Here is the most convenient way to syntax highlighting on a blogger post..

       1. Go to
       2. Create a gist with your code. Use 'Create Public Gist' button to make it public.
       3. Copy the embed script.
       4. Paste the link on your blogger post in HTML editing mode.

Once You Get Hacked

  • Turn off the Wi-Fi connection and pull the network cable.
  • Shutdown. Take off the hard drive quickly.
  • Connect the drive to another machine as a non-bootable drive and scan for infection.
  • Make a backup.
  • Put the drive back to the old machine and completely wipe the hard drive. Also consider repartition and format.
  • Reinstall OS from trusted source. Must install updates.
  • Install all the security softwares prior to any other programs.
  • Scan you backed up files to other machine and copy over.
  • Don’t forget a complete backup.

Make Windows 10 PC Faster

Many of us believe that Windows 7 and XP are best in terms of UI and hardware management. Updating was under control that we knew what is going on. On the other hand, Windows 10 is somewhat of a “bulky” OS. So many of us are having performance issues which are pretty annoying especially for the former Windows 7 users. However, by taking couple of simple steps can increase our PC's performance significantly. Here are some..

Enable Finder to Show or Hide Invisible Files and Folders on Mac

Some people have no clue that there are a huge range of hidden files and folders on their Mac OS X. Apple likes to keep things easy for users by hiding them. This is good for newcomers but keeping files hidden is very tedious for experienced users who is looking to tweak and fine-tune the Mac. So, how do you reveal hidden files on your Mac? Well, we can use our Terminal or third party software. I personally prefer Terminal. Ok then Open the Terminal application in your Utilities folder. At the prompt, enter or paste the following command lines one by one then press RETURN.

     defaults write AppleShowAllFiles TRUE

     killall Finder

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